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You could tell he was in love by the way he looked at her. Other girls were faint stars; she was his sun.

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Draw the line.

Where do you draw the line with someone?
How do you control your feelings toward someone when you’re so heated or so upset?
How do you find the reasoning to let go of all the wrong for some good?

How do you show the person what everyone else has shown them?

So everyone’s abandoned you?
Called you selfish?
Couldn’t be your friend?
So you’ve lost everyone except me?
… And you still haven’t done anything wrong?
You’re still in the clear?

No. That’s not how it goes.
I’m seeing things so clearly now.
I’m understanding certain things that I always knew but refused to take in.

If you’ve heard the same thing from many people, maybe it’s time to take what they say into consideration. Maybe burst outside your own self absorbed bubble and think about everything.

How do I draw the line?
I’m a good friend and a good person.
I don’t believe in grudges or tearing someone down because they hurt you.
I don’t believe in following just what everyone else thinks of something.

I just want to be treated the way i treat people. I’m true, loyal, honest, I genuinely care, and I put people before myself. Why can’t those who “love me” do the same?

I guess I draw my line by understanding that we can’t all be the same. Some of us are selfless while others are selfish. Some of us aren’t naive and some of us know when we do wrong and can own up to it.

We can’t change people.
But we shouldn’t accept them if who they are is hurting you.
If there is no genuine effort to realize the problem and actions to take to fix it, why waste your time?

I draw my line where I don’t feel bad for people. I draw my line where I forgive and move on but stay away from toxicity.

I draw the line so my feelings become more important than trying to keep the peace with everyone. I’ll be kind and civil to everyone. But I won’t force any type of love, friendship, relationship, or anything of the sort.

I draw the line between right and wrong.



Truth. Trust.

I’m hurt.
I feel numb and confused.
Unsure. Betrayed. Lost. Unworthy.
Drained. Stupid. Naive.
I just feel all of it.

I don’t know who to listen to or who to talk to. Everywhere I turn, people are being deceitful…. Even if it’s in the smallest way, people are doing it. And it still hurts.

I literally feel like I have no one. People who are supposed to love me or at least care about me think it’s okay to just keep things and hide things from me. I don’t care what it is. When people keep things from me and think I’m not worthy to know, It hurts so much.

I thought I got lucky when I met him.
Turns out his past is wilder than I can handle. Turns out my best friend thought I could’ve done better. Turns out things aren’t how I thought they would be.
So many deep dark secrets he told me that I never should’ve known. So many past mistakes that rip my heart to pieces. He wasn’t telling me for me. He was telling me for him; to lighten the weight of his burden.
So much pressure. No understanding. No compromise. No agreement. Always a fight.
So many issues that he has that he thinks I can fix. So many painful actions that I can’t handle.
Suicide. Drinking. Pills. Dangerous behavior. I don’t know what to do with all this.

I can’t feel comfortable, safe or genuinely happy right now. I’m just drowning in my confusion and feeling that people have been unfair to me.
Yet… I still love him. And it tears me up to think of not being with him after envisioning and planning so many happy and positive things. It tears me up to know that my first love experience is full of screaming matches, fights, insecurity, and overcoming ridiculous and outrageously sinful pasts.

What’s true love?
Is it overcoming these things and loving A person unconditionally?
That’s what I thought.

But it also shouldn’t be painful. Or it shouldn’t strip a person of ego they really are.

So where do we draw the line?

Truth is nowhere near right now. Neither is trust. Or hope.



Who am I?

I feel out of balance.
Confused all the time.
Feeling unhappy when I’m trying to do things that I think are right and that I think will make others happy.

A part of me has fallen apart. The part where I used to take my own heart, feelings, and beliefs into consideration.

I love deeply. And I fight deeply.

Between falling in love and finding my way back to Christ, and trying to make “grown up” decisions, I feel different.
Not like myself.

I understand having to change certain things about my lifestyle in order to be a better person and to life life in the way that god intended us all to.

I understand compromise in a relationship in order to do your part to be fair and make it work with the person you care for and love.

What I’m not feeling okay with is feeling insecure all the time and feeling absolutely horrible if I do the littlest thing that a “good Christian” might not approve of. God didn’t mean for us to live in fear 24/7 and didn’t want us to be completely torn down by people by doing or talking about things that may be considered “going against God.”
Those who follow god should rebuke out of love to those that are in need.
Love, patience, gentleness, and God’s grace should be put into action when someone is in need of help.

I find myself surrendering my own beliefs that I feel deep down are not immoral. I find myself doing this in order to make others happy.
I find myself constantly worried that I’m falling short of Gods Glory.

I don’t want to be as careless as before. I recognize my previous faults and sins. I know where change needs to take place and I know what I need to do.
I also don’t want to be losing every ounce of happiness and peace because I’m scared that I will be torn down by people who love me because they aren’t approving of my decisions that I have prayed, considered and thought very deeply and hard about.
I know right from wrong. I have a good set of morals. I love God and follow Him and his word as best I can.

I don’t need other people on this earth judging me, rebuking out of hate, and tearing me down because I don’t fit their idea of “a good person” or “a good Christian”.
God can make me experience his wrath for all my wrong doings.
God can decide where I’ll spend my eternal life when my judgment day comes.
That’s HIS job. No one else’s.

I can’t change my ways or beliefs because I’m worried I’m going to disappoint someone who should love me unconditionally.
If I change my ways or beliefs for someone other than God, I’m not doing it for the right reasons.

I’m tired of feeling torn down for liking worldly things. I don’t praise worldly things. I don’t put them before God. I don’t abuse worldly things. I’m tired of people making me feel this way.

God knows all my thoughts and desires that lie deep in my heart. He knows my reasonings behind every decision I make. He knows the kind of person I am… He knows my intentions and I know I’m still in good standing with him.
He knows.
And that’s all that matters.

I’m done with wondering if I’m still a good person. I’m done wondering who I really am. I’m done falling away from things that make me happy. If they aren’t harmful or sinful, I’m going to do it.
If it’s for the right reason, I’m going to do it. And follow God the best way I know how.

Robin Williams, You Will Be In Our Hearts



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